In recent decades the textile industry has gone into a tailspin. Clothes have become disposable. Consumers keep buying more off-the-shelf fashion, only to end up throwing away 60% in the first year! And when you want to buy quality product, it typically costs an arm an a leg.

At TDTailor, we have been thriving since 2016 to offer alternative solutions in the way we produce and consume clothing. Our goal is to create clothes that you won’t get tired off and won’t let you down! To do so, we created a platform where you control each feature of clothing before they are even created. This way, we know how we should approach its creation to ensures you receive what you want and expect.

Consumers keep buying more off-the-shelf articles,
only to end up throwing away
60% in the first year!

To ensure the resistance of each material, we carefully hand-pic the available selection of quality fabrics. We work hand in hand with our fabric suppliers and manufacturers on all of our products. The special ingredient, is to have reliable partners that we have carefully selected to ensure they are upset with the same things as we are:

Producing the most sustainable clothing while respecting the people we work with.

The hardest part of it all was to find a way to make it easily accessible. Online ordering turned out to be the ideal solution. It cuts all unnecessary opening-time and cost dependencies, which allows us to offer an exclusive value for money that would have been otherwise impossible. By online tailoring, you’re the one who controls and launches the production of your clothes. This means, no overproduction and waste whatsoever.
Our goal is to create bespoke shirts that you wear everyday for years to come. To make you the proud owner of beautiful clothes that develop a patina over time, rather than the consumer over disposable clothing. Our mission is to put quality clothes on the back of as many people as possible.

Partnered with Green Bell Packaging Ltd., we use eco friendly packaging and mailing bags for tailor made garments. At TDTailor, we ensure full utilization of eco-friendly products to reduce the nocive impact of each process in the fashion industry in today’s world.