Bespoke made-to-measure dress shirts

In just a few steps, design your very personal, made-to-tailor dress shirt, and enjoy the premium comfort of our carefully crafted shirts.

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Dress shirts made to your exact measurements from premium quality fabrics and crafted uniquely for your comfort.

In just 4 easy steps to your bespoke shirt

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<span class="td-font">Perfect Fit Guarantee</span>

Perfect Fit Guarantee

With our Perfect-Fit guarantee, if for any reason you are less than a 100% satisfied with your tailor-made shirt, let us know and we will make you a new one, no questions asked. There is only one-size, and that is your size. We take pride in successfully tailoring the right fitting garment for your shopping and wearing comfort.

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Committed to Quality

All our fabrics, accessories and designs are meticulously selected to give you unique and superior quality dress shirts. At TDTailor, we take pride in every step of the craft, cutting, sewing and stitching of your made-to-measure shirts, which is performed with the utmost precision and careThrough innovative technology, you can design and order you very tailor-made shirt from the comfort of your home.

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<span class="td-font">Committed to Quality</span>
<span class="td-font">Sustainable Wardrobe</span>

Sustainable Wardrobe

From the fast, throwaway fashion to a lasting, sustainable wardrobe. At TDTailor, we are very cautious about the environmental impact the fashion industry has on our planet. Therefore, we are committed to continuously finding ways to reduce the impact this industry has on the environment. We strive to use environmentally friendly materials such as biodegradable packaging and organic cotton.


Some Of Our Fabrics

Below a selection of some of our most popular fabrics

Only £43
Only £43
Only £43
Only £43
Only £43
Only £43
Only £43
Only £43

Your satisfaction is our motivation!

Founded in 2016, the desire to enable everyone to design and create their very own shirts at affordable prices has been the motivation behind this online tailor. TDTailor is an online based e-tailor that enables you to move from today’s fast fashion and throwaway culture to a stylish, bespoke and sustainable wardrobe.

As an entrepreneur, when I first experienced the world of made-to-measure clothing, I immediately knew I needed to find a way to make this unique experience accessible to the greater public. Since, my team and I have worked tirelessly to develop this online tailoring platform, for a unique tailoring experience. TDTailor has since become a synonym for quality and reliability of fantastic tailor-made shirts, and our unique customization features allow you to create your very own fashion collection for your personal wardrobe.

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